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Class Description

Parent and Preschool

This class is aimed at 2-4 year olds and their adults. We do have some children as young as 20 months in the classes, who really enjoy themselves. If you think you and your little one/s would like an hour per week of imaginative adventures come along for a taster session.

Parent and Preschool drama focuses on interactive storytelling, creative play and lots of original drama activities. We use a huge range of sensory props and materials to get your child’s imagination fired up and growing from the off.

Children love seeing the adults in the class joining in and having fun – they learn so much from us so quickly. It is a great way to help your child’s confidence, communication and social skills grow week by week. Let’s HATCH together!

The session lasts 45 minutes followed by a drink and snack (included in the cost of the class). Siblings under the age of 2 are welcome in the class free of charge.

“My little boy (2 years 9 months) loves Hatch Drama after just two sessions. Laura is a real professional who skilfully fires up the children’s imagination. The Atmosphere is easy-going and fun, and each child (and parent) is encouraged to go at his/her own pace. Highly recommended!” Damon McCollin-Moore

Mini-Eggs Class

This class is for 4-7 year olds (school starter age up to year 2; KS1 children). It is a fun-filled, fast paced class that focuses on growing the children’s confidence both on stage and in a group.

The children are encouraged to speak out and put their ideas forward. It is great for children to see their ideas not only being listened to but also being put into action in mini-plays and other drama activities. We soon see even the shyest of children coming out of their shells.

Mini-eggs also learn and perfect the basics of performing: team work, projection, expression, blocking and storytelling (to name but a few).

“Hatch Drama gives children a chance to be heard and encourages their imaginations” From a parent – Playden Studio

Fledgling Class

This class is for 7-11 year olds (year 3 to year 6; KS2 children). It continues to focus on building the children’s communication skills, confidence and ability to express themselves in a group, whilst taking their drama skills to the next level!

In this class we start to encourage the children to come up with their own characters, insert their own lines into mini-plays and even do some directing. We love creating stories as a group and improvisation is always a favourite. It helps the children to feel an onus for the creative work we do and to see that their input really matters. We foster a sense of community and belonging, which is imperative for the children to grow creatively and for their confidence.

Hatch Drama provides a fun class that makes my children want to learn new skills. It has helped them to become more confidence.” Parent – Hastings Studio

Combined Class

This class is for 4-11 year olds and takes the best bits from the above two classes and combines them into one wonderful session. This class is kept small to allow each child to have his/her needs met.

The older children in the class are stretched to come up with their own characters and take some responsibility for inputting their own lines into mini-plays as well as helping to decide how plays should end. Their confidence grows even more when they see that they can encourage the younger children and that they have skills they can also teach someone else.

The younger children love being around the older ones and really benefit from being able to bounce off them. Their voices are always heard and they love the imaginative play.

Class Timetable

Wednesdays: ASHFORD – Singleton Village Hall, Hoxton Close, Ashford, Kent
TN23 5LB

4-5pm: Mini-eggs (4-7 years)

5-6pm: Fledglings (7-11 years)

Thursday mornings: HASTINGS – West Hill Community Centre, Croft Road, East Sussex TN34 3JT

10-11am: Parent and Preschool (2-4 years and their adults)

Thursday evenings: HASTINGS – All Saints Church Hall, Hastings Old Town, East Sussex, TN34 3BG

5-6pm: Mini-eggs (4-7 years)

6-7pm: Fledglings (7-11 years)

Saturdays: RYE – Playden WI Hall, Houghton Green Lane, East Sussex, TN31 7PL

10:30-11:30am: Combined Class (4-11 years)

Fees, Discounts and Offers

All classes are term time only.

Mini-eggs, Fledglings and Combined classes all work out at £5.50 per week. Fees are paid up front in half term blocks.

Each child is entitled to a FREE taster session. We are positive that your child will want to come back to hatch some more, but there is no pressure to join after the taster session.

In these classes we offer a 10% discount off your next half term’s fees when you introduce a child that enrols with Hatch Drama. We also offer a 15% sibling discount. Please note that these discounts cannot run in conjunction with each other.

Parent and Preschool classes work out at £4 per week and are also paid up front per half term.

For this class we offer a one-off, pay-as-you-go session for you to try us out before you commit to the rest of the half term.

Siblings under the age of 2 come FREE of charge.

If a friend recommends us to you, and you sign up for the rest of the half term, you and your friend get a FREE session – so get spreading the word.